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The Past, Present, & Future of Sleep

Published by Dockline Magazine

Ever since people got the strength to stand up on two feet, mankind has been looking for a comfy place to lie down and get a good night’s rest.

Historians say the earliest bedding consisted of animal skins covering a collection of whatever was soft and handy, usually grass and leaves. The real advances in sleep technology have come in the last hundred years or so — offering consumers a wide range of options to fit their particular preferences.

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Restful Sleep Offered Daily at Quality Sleep Shops

Published by Dockline Magazine

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to maintain brain functioning, physical and mental well-being, maintaining blood and heart vessels, and even to regulate weight gain. A good quality sleep nightly of 7-8 hours can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Poor sleep habits are also linked to raised sugar levels and type 2 diabetes. The mattress you sleep on directly affects your overall health and quality of sleep.

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